Idol Lash

Have you always wanted long, thick, luscious eyelashes without using mascara? You might not think that’s possible without painful implants or messy, sticky fake lashes. But now you can get the gorgeous lashes you’ve always dreamed of with Idol Lash. This revolutionary product is a simple lash enhancer that is clinically proven to give you darker, thicker lashes in as little as two weeks. Used once a day on both the top and bottom lashes, you’ll be forgetting all about your mascara wand before you know it. Read on for a review of this safe, natural beauty product.




The Scoop on Idol Lash

Developed by Natural Products Association, a company committed to giving you safe and effective beauty products, Idol Lash is a simple solution that you apply once a day at bedtime. The product uses all-natural ingredients like keratin, moisturizers, and plant extracts to stimulate lash growth in a healthy way. These ingredients both strengthen your lashes to avoid breakage and damage, and stimulate your eyelash glands so that lashes grow in faster, stronger, and longer. And because the ingredients are gentle and all-natural, this product is safe for everyone to use. Whether you have sensitive eyes or you wear contact lenses, Idol Lash won’t result in red, watery eyes like other products may cause. There’s no risk of irritation from strong makeup, irritating ingredients, or sticky fake lash glue. Instead of artificial lashes, your amazing new look will be the real thing.

Clinically-Proven Success

It’s natural to be skeptical about product claims—after all, marketers are trying to sell you something. But with Idol Lash, you know exactly what you’re getting because its results have been proven in clinical trials. In a panel of testers of all ages who used the product daily for two weeks, results showed eyelash density increased by 82 percent in that time period, while eyelash length increased 25 percent.


Before and After Shots When Using Idol Lash


Reviews from Real Users

Numbers are one thing, but we know you also want to know what real people who’ve used Idol Lash have to say about the product.

In an review, user Nicola noted “I’ve been using Idol Lash for about three weeks now, and the difference I’ve noticed already goes beyond what I’d ever hoped for. My lashes were fairly long anyway, but they’ve noticeably grown—and when I put on black mascara, I can’t stop looking at them!


A reviewer named Lulu suffered damage to her lashes, resulting in several bald areas. Though she used many products to combat this problem, it was Idol Lash that did the trick: “I used Idol Lash for a week and already the empty areas are filling in!! I am so happy. It’s now been about a month and I think my lashes are getting a little longer and just all-around look really good.

  Reviewers also note that the product arrives quickly and in discreet packaging, which is great news if you want to surprise your husband or boyfriend with your amazing new lash look. Another cool bonus? Idol Lash works on your eyebrows too. If you want the thick, strong, gorgeous brows that are all over the runways right now, this product will do the trick.

What’s the Catch?

Though this product might sound too good to be true, the user reviews say it all. So are there any caveats? Some people who have tried Idol Lash note that their lashes began to go back to normal when they stopped using it. So if you try this product and like the results, you should continue daily use for as long as possible. Fortunately, Idol Lash makes it easy to use its product for as long as you need to. Because the formula nourishes your lashes, you’ll love the healthy results you get from regular use—and what’s more, you get bonus bottles if you order the product in certain quantities.

Where Can I Buy Idol Lash?

Beware of buying this product anywhere other than at the official website.Idol Lash sold at other locations is not guaranteed to be authentic, and may not provide the results you’re looking for. A one-month supply of Idol Lash costs $39.95; however, if you buy additional packages, you have an opportunity for significant savings. Two packages of the product costs $69.95, saving you $10; if you buy three packages, you get one free, meaning you get a four-month supply for just $119.95. Convinced that Idol Lash is right for you? Splurge on a six-month supply and get two packages free, at a cost of just $159.95—an $80 savings. Though other products may claim to increase the length and thickness of your lashes, Idol Lash is the only all-natural product that’s clinically proven to do just that. If you’ve always wanted thick, long lashes that turn heads, don’t wait—order Idol Lash today.





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